Issues of the End Times


We are living in incredible times!  Times that can be perplexing without an understanding of God’s will.  Biblical Prophecy is history told in advance.  To test prophecy by looking through history, we can see the direction that God is taking our world in the light of His redemptive activity.  He says what He is about to do through the prophetic gift and then history validates His Presence and integrity.

These audio presentations are an example of what you might expect should we book a series in your church or district.  The messages will give you hope, comfort and peace as you consider the times in which we live.  These messages will introduce you to my preaching style as well as to the Christ centred emphasis of the meetings   I pray that they will encourage your faith in Jesus and help you to embrace the authority of God’s Word.    If you want more information or would like to book the series in your church district, please contact me.  My email is or my cell is 1(403) 597-8095.  May God bless you!

“Brandon’s Mess” – Opening Sabbath Worship Service  

Can God Be Trusted? – Saturday Evening Presentation  

Can God Be Trusted   Handout

The Search For Certainty – Sunday Evening Presentation

Searching For Certainty   Handout

The Search For Significance – Monday Evening Presentation #1

Searching For Significance   Handout

Cosmic Conflict – 2 Laws Contrasted    Monday Evening Presentation #2

Cosmic Conflict – The Law Part 1  Handout

Facing the Judgment With Confidence  – Tuesday Evening Presentation #1

Facing The Judgment With Confidence – HO

Death’s Mystery Solved!  – Tuesday Evening Presentation #2

Death’s Mystery Solved! – HO

Wrestling With Reality  – Wednesday Evening Presentation #1

2018 Wrestling With Reality – HO

The Trinity of Error  – Wednesday Evening Presentation #2

2018 The Satanic Trinity – HO

The Issue That Divides The World  – Thursday Evening Presentation

2018 The Issue That Divides The World – HO

Satan’s Masterpiece of Deception  Friday Evening Presentation

Prophecy Super Chart 2

Harmony Restored!  – Closing Sabbath Worship Service

2018 Harmony Restored! – HO