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Pastor Ron Nelson has passionately served in various capacities as  a Pastor in Alberta, British Columbia and the Maritimes provinces of Canada.  Administratively, he has served as the Ministerial Secretary of the Maritimes Conference and recently retired after a productive five year term as the Conference President of the Manitoba Saskatchewan Conference and Nunavut territories.

His musical talents have been a blessing to many as he has preached throughout Canada and the continental United States.  Highlights of his ministry include  a preaching series in Australia and Brazil.  His music has been featured on Hope TV and Neuvo Tiempo in Brazil.

Hope TV set

On the Hope TV set filming – “My Story, My Song” with Kandace Thorpe

To book an event, please contact Pastor Nelson at or call for more information at 1 (403) 597-8095

Ministries Brochure:    Pastor Ron Nelson Ministries Brochure

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