Gracewaves Prayer Book

Today’s Text: Ephesians 5:2

“…walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us,  an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma…”

Father in Heaven, my mind is thrilled with the possibilities of life with You this day.  In You, I find endless adventure and interest.  All that this day holds has been sifted through Your hands as a gift of Your Grace and Love.  Every opportunity, every challenge, every joy, and yes, even the possibility of heartbreak and despair, is but a tool designed by Your grace to shape me and mould me after Your Will.

It is with a willing heart that I surrender myself and this day into Your keeping.  In every circumstance is the promise that I might “walk in love.”  Not lustful, self-gratifying love, but the Love that is “at first peaceable”.  The Love that reflects Your Sacrifice.  The Love that builds and does not break.

Today, I choose to place myself and the cares and concerns of this life into Your Able, Gentle Hands.  It is with joyful anticipation that I step by faith into this day.  Motivate and move me to an abundance of life that is only possible in partnership with Your Spirit.  Stretch before me a path of righteousness that will honor You and enable me to fulfill Your Will in Your Way, and in Your Time.  Enable me to walk this path, hand in hand with You.  Empower me.  May Your kingdom be prospered in and through my life.  Lord, I come to You.  May my life this day be as “an offering and a sacrifice to God” I pray…

     In Jesus’ Name,


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