1. Truly simply beautiful music! Your Inspiring Gracewaves Devotionals brings me closer, motivates me to a deeper experience not only with my Maker but with humanity! Thank you for sharing your God given gifts with all of us! Your music is regularly played at our house. Wishing you greater success and happiness to you and your family!
    Christine D.M. Wollmann

  2. Ron spoke and sang at the Theology Club retreat for Burman University this fall and we really appreciated his ministry. He shared so much wisdom with our students in a down-to-earth manner. We are so grateful that he and Sandra were able to spend the weekend with us!

  3. Pastor Ron: Thank you for conducting your Revival Series and concert at both my Nanaimo and Port Alberni Churches in the month of September. The music and the messages were an inspiring re-focus on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, both for our Church members and our visitors. As someone has already observed, listening to your music is “like taking a warm bath”. We’re looking forward to your evangelistic series in both cities in February.

  4. I have attended the church for 19 years and I never found all this variety of songs and skills by a comoposer-writter, with that special touch, and many testimonies whose allow to.understand the context and appreciate much the interpretations. God is blessing your ministry and I hope you keep ministering others through the music.

    From Cornerstone Sda Church, Bc

  5. Dear Pastor Ron,

    Thank you for spending the week here with us at Victoria Avenue SDA Church. Thank you for sharing your music and for sharing the word of God. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Godspeed.
    Julio Davila

  6. Ron,
    I just want to take a moment to thank you for your visit with us here in the North Okanagan. My members here in the Vernon church thoroughly enjoyed your Sabbath sermon and especially your Saturday evening concert. What’s the old saying “you aren’t getting older – you’re getting better.” It’s true – especially as it pertains to your musical gifts. Your Saturday evening concert was water to our souls and your kind and Christ centered insights inspirational. We had a great time. May God continue to bless you and Sandra.